Noise shields, including racks and foundations


Noise shields are designed to protect people from a harmful influence of the sound coming from the railways and highways, airports, building sites and other sources of noise.

The construction of noise shield panels of ZAVOD PRODMASH provides their installation related to each other with the help of I-beams and gusset plates. This ensures reliable design and avoids the formation of gaps between the elements. The height of pillars and their step may be any according to a client task.

Experts of ZAVOD PRODMASH offer four types of noise shields:

  • Noise-absorbing shields, which are used as a part of special sound-absorbing acoustic panels with perforations that reduce air noise from traffic, or other source.
  • Noise-proof shields, which are used to protect objects from the outgoing noise by reflecting it in the opposite direction.
  • Combined shields (a combination of construction of noise-reflecting and noise-absorbing screens) – a screen is combined by panels of several types: the lower part is made from sound-reflecting panels, the upper one – of noise-absorbing panels (they provide better acoustic protection).
  • Translucent shields, which are used as part of a transparent PMMA, having a very high transparency (light transmittance — 92%), high resistance to weak acids, alkaline solutions and salts, has a wide range of temperatures (from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C) and is also characterized by high rigidity (tensile strength — up to 80 MPa), greater than that of any other amorphous plastics.

All elements of noise shields are designed to be installed easier and in shorter terms.

All other steel supporting structures and fasteners, made by ZAVOD PRODMASH, have a protective anti-corrosion coating, made by the method of hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with GOST 9307-89, what provides long lifetime of noise shields.


  • GOST 9.307-89 The unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Hot zinc coatings. General requirements and methods of control.
  • GOST 23499-79 Sound-absorbing and sound-isolating building materials and products.
  • SNIP 23-03-2003 Protection from noise.