Metal frame pillars


Metal frame pillars are used to install on them modern equipment ASTC (Automatic System of Traffic Control), which is widely used to monitor and manage the flow of vehicles in Russian cities, and for installation on frame pillars of such elements as:

  • Electronic scoreboard;
  • Traffic lights with standart and reverse motion;
  • Road signs;
  • Camcorders;
  • Weather sensors and motion detectors;
  • etc.

The feature of metal frame pillar by ZAVOD PRODMASH is their high reliability, due to high-quality welding and also by heightened requirements to the process of acceptance of QC on every stage of construction manufacturing.

All metal frame pillars are made in a shape of a single-span frame from linear and plane elements with mounting bolt joints to provide convenience of transportation of metal constructions to the place of installation.

All provided metal frame pillars and their fasteners have the coating, inflicted by the method of hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with GOST 9.307-89, providing increased period of service.


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  • Album 3.503.9-80 “Soyuzproject” Research Institute and issue 2 “Metal frame pillars for installing road signs under the traffic. Materials for projecting and working drawings”.