Metal corrugated pipes


Metal corrugated pipes are used to solve tasks of creating artificial road structures (pedestrian crossings, underpasses, tunnels, etc) and are actively used in designing drains under railways and highways.

ZAVOD PRODMASH offers metal corrugated pipes of increased strength with low weight of products by features of a construction. The hallmark of corrugated pipes is a modular design that allows to install them with minimal effort. Due to the production of corrugated metal pipes a wide range of climatic conditions of their operation is provided.

The size of the corrugation according to the costumer task can be: 130×32.5 mm, 150×50 mm, 381×142 mm. A structural shape can be of: round, bow, polycentric section, increased elliptical cross-section, decreased, vertical or horizontal type.

All metal corrugated pipes and their fasteners may have the coating, inflicted by the method of hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with GOST 9.307-89, providing increased period of service


  • GOST 9.307-89 The unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Hot zinc coatings. General requirements and methods of control.
  • STO 07525912-025-2014.
  • Series 3.501.3-187.10 “Culverts round holes pipes 0.5-2.5 m spiral corrugated metal with corrugation 68×13 and 125×26 mm”.