Bus stop pavilions


Bus stop pavilions are an important part of the road infrastructure and are designed to provide comfort and safety of passengers in time of waiting of public transport.

Experts of ZAVOD PRODMASH are ready to offer bus stop pavilions of two types for every concrete task:

  • - Bus stop pavilions of the city type – made of metal tubes and trimmed with hardened glass, cellular or molded polycarbonate (or any other material by an order of a customer). It is possible to design bus stop pavilions with billboards by the additional order.
  • - Antivandal bus stop pavilions – are used to be installed far from houses and made completely of metal. May be designed in a modular type.

As an additional equipment bus stop pavilions by ZAVOD PRODMASH may be completed with trashbins (also of unusual design), benches and light boxes.

All constructions of bus stop pavilions and their fasteners may have the coating, inflicted by the method of hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with GOST 9.307-89, providing increased period of service or may be painted by a special order.


  • GOST 9.307-89 The unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Hot zinc coatings. General requirements and methods of control.
  • GOST 218.1.002-20013 Bus stop pavilions on motor roads. General technical requirements.