Road metal frameworks

Frame metal pillars, noise shields with posts and foundations, bus shelters, road signs and pillars for them, corrugated tubes

  •   Anti-corrosion coating by hot-dip-galvanizing (GOST 9.307-89)
  •   Typical projects and individual orders
  •   Manufactured in accordance with GOST 52290-2004, GOST 16350
  •   Supplied with the design documentation

Reducing the time of building

Execution of works in any weather conditions

Guarantee for coating for more than 10 years

Road signs and pillars with mountings

  •   Racks and support are made accotding to the album 3.503.9-80 Issue 1 Research Institute «Soyuzdorproekt»
  •   Road signs racks: tube 76 and 89 mm in diameter
  •   A method of attaching the stand and the sign: using rigid clamps or bolts
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Noise shields, including racks and foundations

  •   We produce: noise-absorbing, noise-proof, combined and translucent shields
  •   Posts of I-beams with flange and gusset plates
  •   Filling of screens – steel, transparent PMMA
  •   Any height and a post spacing
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Metal frame pillars

  •   Produced according to the album of series 3.503.9-80 Issue 2 Research Institute «Soyuzdorproekt»
  •   Types of pillars — U, L, T- shaped
  •   The width of span up to 28 meters
  •   The height above a roadway up to 7 meters
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Bus stop pavilions

  •   To provide comfort and safety of passengers
  •   Height up to 2.6 m
  •   Width up to 2.7 m
  •   Length up to 5 m
  •   Additional equipment: a trashbin, benches, light boxes
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Metal corrugated tubes

  •   Produced according to STO 07525912-025-2014
  •   Corrugation size130x32,5 mm, 150×50 mm, 381×142 mm
  •   Types of structural shape: round, bow, of polycentric cross-section, increased elliptical cross-section of high, decreased, of vertical and horizontal types
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