Pillars and masts

Used for installation of the lighting equipment, for the suspension of self-supporting insulated conductors and other with the help of cantilevers and adapters

  •   We produce pillars and masts according to STO 07525912-019-2013, 07525912-018-2013, 07525912-020-2013
  •   Complete and item-delivery
  •   Production according to customer drawings
  •   Have a protective coating according to SNIP СНиП 2.03.11 and GOST 9.307-89
  •   Supplied with design technology documents

Low specific quantity of metal

Simplicity of structure installation

Quality and safety

Lighting poles

  •   Power: FS, PS, FGS
  •   Non-power: FGN
  •   Special and decorative
  •   Height up to 16 m
  •   Safe top load capacity up to 1,8 t
  •   Permissible number of lighting devices up to 6 items
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  •   Stationary or with movable crown
  •   Height up to 50 m
  •   Safe top load capacity up to 2,1 t
  •   Permissible number of lighting devices up to 35 items
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Multipurpose cantilevers and installing elements

  •   Produced according to STO 07525912-022-2013, 07525912-023-2013
  •   Intended for installation onto lighting products suppports
  •   One- and multi-horned supports
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Embedded foundation elements and consoles

  •   Produced in accordance with STO 07525912-023-2013
  •   Serve to transfer loads to the foundation block
  •   Protected from corrosion according to SNIP 2.03.11 and GOST 9.602
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Certificates of conformity