Carriage lighting


Carriage lighting is powered by a limited capacity autonomous source and is designed for using in passenger trains.

These lighting devices have austere and simple design, are easy to maintain, effective. With their help it is possible to equip a rolling-stock in accordance with all standards and requirements.

In carriages both general and local lighting is used. It allows to create for a trip such conditions that match ergonomic requirements.

Experts of ZAVOD PRODMASH are ready to offer following types of carriage lighting, distinguished by sizes and intensity of light flow producing:

  • Ceiling light sourses used to improve visibility in public places: passages, vestibules, sanitary and hygienic points, etc.
  • Wall lights, used to illuminate a passenger seat.


  • Body: shockproof plastic
  • Reflector: rolled aluminium
  • Diffuser-cap: light-stabilized polycarbonate
  • Antivandal