Street lighting


Street lighting is used to provide lighting of city streets, highways and park paths. Illuminators of street lighting with LED light elements provide high-quality light, which can be compared in its spectrum with the sun rays. That is why such devices are the guarantee of the safety of pedestrians and drivers, and their comfort during moving at night time. All these factors are provided with minimal amount of light pillars, light devices and power consumption.

Experts of ZAVOD PRODMASH offer decorative light illuminators of various shapes:

  • with traditional rounded classical lamp shades;
  • in retro-style;
  • modern devices in high-tech style.


  • Body: aluminium or heat-resistant and shockproof plastic material
  • Base: steel with powder coating
  • Reflector: aluminium with high coefficient of reflection
  • Shockproof protecting glass: light-stabilized polycarbonate