Lighting of gardens and parks


Lighting of gardens and parks is intended to solve not only functional but also decorative tasks. ZAVOD PRODMASH offers lighting equipment , which not only emphasizes the beauty of the landscape design but also complements the chosen style.

Park LED lamps of the torchiere type are the best choice for lighting of sidewalks, pedestrian zones, paths, boulevards and public gardens. They are provided with diffusers of the milk-white shade, which help to create bright lighting, increasing safety and comfort of pedestrians at night time.

An important advantage of these LED lamps is their resistance to vibrations and outer influences. Thus, due to a hit the devices will not break down and continue to qualitatively illuminate the surrounding area.


  • Base: heat-resistant high-impact Plastic
  • Cap: aluminium with powder coating
  • Heat-resistant protective glass: light-stabilized PMMA / polycarbonate
  • Dazzle is minimized