Floodlighting is used for lighting of large area fields. In this case as a source of lighting may be used lamps which are characterised by the ability of producing an intensive light flow. More often this lighting is used on stadiums, open storage areas and other similar objects.

Floodlighting is fastened on light masts, wheir height is determined according to individual customer tasks within the order.

A modern floodlighting consists of a source of light and a light reflecting shell. Such type of a construction helps to manage a direction of a light flow and attain a necessary angle for a particular customer task. Energy saving floodlights allow to get a light flow of high intensity with minimal electricity costs.


  • Body: aluminium anodized
  • Reflector: aluminium anodized
  • Shockproof protecting glass: silicate tempered
  • Recommended to install on a bearing surface