Hot-dip galvanizing of large-size products


The problem of corrosion protection is one of the most important problems nowadays. There are various ways of anti-corrosion protection of metal constructions and the right choice of protection methods may repeatedly cut costs of their usage.

Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the safest and most economic ways of anti-corrosion protection of metal constructions.

The process of coating a metal product with zinc is produced by its sinking into zinc melt. The result is a coating with a thickness from 60 to 200 µm, depending on the time of keeping a metal product in molten zinc.

It is worth mentioning that the thickness of a zinc coating also depends on marks of steel (and contenting silicon), which products are made of. Thereby, a mark of steel should be indicated at the moment of ordering. Hot-dip galavanizing is used for the constructions, made of the wide assortment of steel: all mild steel grades, low-alloy steel grades, cast iron and steel casting.

An important feature of hot-dip galvanizing is that it provides reducing maintenance costs for metal constructions and helps to increase the period of its service up to 50 years.

A zinc coating is distinguished by the high guarantee of quality: the thinnest surface of an alloy layer is soldered to metal atom to atom, and even if all the coating will be scratched and damaged, the lowest layer will stay untouched and continue to protect metal.

A zinc coating does not react on oil products, solvents, lubricants and other products and has a wide range of use.

The profitability of the method of hot-dip galvanizing is caused by its comparing with the classical paint-and-lacquer coating.

Price comparison of hot-dip galvanizing and painting*

Steel thickness 3-layer painting(rub) 4-layer painting(rub) Hot-dip galvanizing
2 100 114 42
3 100 114 46
5 100 114 52
8 100 114 58
10 100 114 65
14 100 114 70
19 100 114 105
25 100 114 130

*cost of high-quality 3-layer painting is shown on probation as 100 rubles without accounting of operating costs.

* the service of painting by traditional paint-and-lacquer coatings may be produced only as an additional service to hot-dip galvanizing for creating of special designer characteristics of a metal construction.

Hot-dip galvanizing makes an impermeable barrier between the environment and metal. Wherein physical and chemical features of zinc provide the whole complex of protecting coating features.

It is worth mentioning that protection by hot-dip galvanizing is produced for products, made of low carbon steel, steel of usual quality and structural steels, also of higher strength. The range of usage of hot-dip galvanized products: energetics – building — urban infrastructure – agriculture – chemical industry – transport and road building – industrial building – oil industry, etc.

Characteristics of the line of large-size products hot-dip galvanizing

  • Size of a large bath: 12,5m x 1,6m x 2,8m
  • Possible thickness of a coating: from 60µm to 200µm
  • Line performance: 5000 tons / month
  • Weight: up to 5,5 tons


  • GOST 9.307-89 The unified system of of corrosion and ageing protection. Hot zinc coatings. General requirements and methods of control.