Road guardrails


Road guardrails serve for prevention car’s coming off from the road’s verge, hitting massive obstacles and structures, placed on the verge and turns, preventing a collision of the vehicle by a dividing strip, hitting oncoming transport. These constructions will save from vehicle collisions and serve as an effective instrument of preventing road traffic accidents.

Road guardrails by ZAVOD PRODMASH are a “new word” in safeness of exploitation traffics in Russia.

An important feature of the road guardrails construction is the existence of a detachable console, which improves kinematics of conjugation the guardrail with the transport mean in case of a traffic accident and provides safe return of the car to the road in case of hitting the guardrail. During the collision with a road guardrail the balk with the console detaches from the rack and this help the car not “dive” under the balk and save passengers’ lives.

It is worth mentioning that using the detachable console in the structure of guardrails increases the reserve of retention capacity of the railing because the critical angle of the guardrail is minimum and the car does not “fly” over the edge of the road.

Road guardrails by ZAVOD PRODMASH differ by the long term of service owing to using hot-dip galvanizing products in the process of their manufacturing.


  • One- (DO) and two-side (DD) on location.
  • One- and two-deck in height.
  • Retention capacity from 130 to 550 kJ.
  • Height from 0,75m to 1,1m.


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