Pedestrian guardrails


Pedestrian guardrails serve for organizing pedestrian traffic through highway, for debarment of occasional pedestrians’ falls from bridge structures, high mounds and other objects with notional height difference.

Pedestrian guardrails, also known as railing, by ZAVOD PRODMASH are characterised by the long term of service owing to using hot-dip galvanizing products in the process of their manufacturing, providing increased corrosion resistance of the structure.

During manufacturing pedestrian guardrails, ZAVOD PRODMASH uses modern construction solutions, allowing making the process of installing easier and quicker.

It is worth mentioning that by the customer’s request experts of ZAVOD PRODMASH are ready to manufacture railings with an individual design.


  • Manufacturing according to STO 07525912-024-2013.
  • Restraining and limitative.
  • Retention capacity not less than 1,27 kN.
  • Height 1,1m.


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