Lightweight axial fence for separation traffic flows


Lightweight axial fence is installed on the separating strip with two solid lines and is designed to retain the car on the road surface in the event of an accident, as well as to prevent the vehicle from shooting out onto the oncoming lane. The application of such fences on road facilities minimizes the risk of frontal collisions and reduces the number of road accidents with drastic consequences.

The construction of the lightweight axial fence, developed by OAO «Zavod Prodmash» specialists, is completely certified and conforms with technical regulations requirements of the Customs Union TR TC 014/2011. The fence was tested by the NAMI testing center at auto test track in Dmitrov. The received indicators are fixed and logged. The conducted field tests showed positive results of application of fences under real conditions:

Technical test parameters: vehicle weight – 1,5 tonnes, speed – 90 km/h.


  • a car was not on the oncoming lane after collision with the fence;
  • a car was not turned around after collision with the fence;
  • the fixed dynamic deflection of the lightweight axial fence after the collision of the car was 0.42 m, the working width - 0.7 m.

Advantages of the installation

  • Installation of lightweight axial fence does not require the reconstruction of the highway due to the compact size of the structure (only 0.3 m);
  • The economy of assembling due to the absence of the need for the organization of anchor blocks in the initial/end sections. This significantly reduces the final cost of installation of lightweight axial fence of OAO «Zavod Prodmash» production. The assembling of the fence is also quite simple;
  • Lack of economic costs for maintenance. The fence does not need special maintenance after installation;
  • Safety assurance of drivers under conditions of limited visibility due to the width of the beam profile of a lightweight axial fence closing most of the light stream from the oncoming vehicles. This protects drivers from dazzling by the headlights of the oncoming vehicle;
  • Advanced security due to a basic set with road cataphotes made by OAO «Zavod Prodmash» according to GOST 32866-2014 in accordance with the requirements of GOST 33151-2014. The cataphotes are mounted on the fence beam every 4 meters. This provides advanced visibility of lightweight axial fencing in the dark.

Also, to ensure maximum visibility of the fence, button lights are installed on all racks of the start/end sections of the axial lightweight fence. This configuration provides the road users with the required level of safety in any weather and at any time of the day.

Lightweight axial fence for separation traffic flows by Zavod Prodmash has a protective anticorrosive coating, made by hot-dip galvanizing method in accordance with GOST 9307-89, which ensures a long service life of the fence.


  • Marking 11DD-0,75С(5,0)/2,0-W-300; 21 DD/300-0,75х2,0-1,82 (2,0)
  • Containment level ≥ 300 kJ
  • Completely domestically produced construction


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