Bridge guardrails


Bridge guardrails are installed on bridges / viaducts / overpasses and serve for preventing the car from coming off from the carriageway of these constructions and also to prevent vehicle from crossing the dividing line and collision with the oncoming transport. Bridge guardrails may be also installed into the earth bed.

Features of bridge guardrails in comparison with road guardrails:

  • individuality of the mounting construction of the guardrail to embedded details of the bridge;
  • greater demands to retention capacity (from 300 to 600 kJ).

Experts of ZAVOD PRODMASH pay special attention to the every specific road object, when designing bridge guardrails. This provides individual treatment to every task and effectiveness of produced by ZAVOD PRODMASH technical decisions.

Safety of bridge guardrails is proved by features of their constructions and the principle of work. In case of the traffic accident the bridge guardrail holds the traffic mean on the bridge structure and does not allow it to “fly off”. An addition clause, proving improved safety of exploitation of bridge guardrails, is high retention capacity of the construction: up to 600 kJ.

Bridge guardrails by ZAVOD PRODMASH differ by the long term of service owing to using hot-dip galvanizing products in the process of their manufacturing.


  • One- (MO, MOC) and two-side (MD, MDC) on location.
  • One- and two-deck in height.
  • Retention capacity from 250 to 6000 kJ.
  • Height from 0,75m to 1,5m.


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