Barrier guardrails

Provide traffic safety on roads and bridges. Parapet guardrails separate a pedestrian zone and a carriageway

  •   Road and bridge guardrails are manifactured in accordance with GOST 26804-2012, 26804-86, TR 5262-002-86001658-2012, GOST R 52607-2006, GOST R 52289
  •   Complete and item-delivery
  •   Certification of Traffic Safety Department of Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior
  •   Anti-corrosion coating by hot-dip galvanizing method (GOST 9.307-89)
  •   Provided with design engineering documentation

Low specific quantity of metal

Simplicity of structure installation

High passive safety

Road guardrails

  •   One-side (DO) and two-side (DD) on location
  •   One- and two-tier on height
  •   Retention capacity from 130 to 550 kJ
  •   Height from 0,75m to 1,1m
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Bridge guardrails

  •   One- (MO, MOC) and two-side (MD, MDC) on location
  •   One- and two-tier on height
  •   Retention capacity from 250 to 550 kJ
  •   Height from 0,75 to 1,5m
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Lightweight axial fence for separation traffic flows

  •   Marking 11DD-0,75С(5,0)/2,0-W-300; 21 DD/300-0,75х2,0-1,82 (2,0)
  •   Containment level ≥ 300 kJ
  •   Completely domestically produced construction
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Road frontal barrier (crash cushion)

  •   Marking FO-U-80-2-B-N1, FO-U-80-2-G-N1
  •   Completely Russian produced construction
  •   Various configurations according to the needs of the customer are possible
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Pedestrian guardrails

  •   Manufacturing in accordance with STO 07525912-024-2013
  •   Retentive and limitative
  •   Retention capacity not less than 1,27 kJ
  •   Height 1,1m
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Certificates of conformity